Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie join forces for new collaboration

Dua Lipa & Margot Robbie: Two Powerhouses Taking Over Hollywood

Dua Lipa: The Pop Sensation

Dua Lipa has taken the music industry by storm with her captivating voice and irresistible dance-pop hits. Born in London, this British-Albanian singer-songwriter has won numerous awards and accolades for her chart-topping singles and dynamic stage presence. With hits like “New Rules” and “Don’t Start Now,” Dua Lipa has solidified her status as one of the biggest pop stars of her generation.

Margot Robbie: The A-List Actress

Originally from Australia, Margot Robbie has made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s most talented and versatile actresses. With critically acclaimed performances in films like “I, Tonya,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Bombshell,” Robbie has proven her ability to embody a wide range of complex characters. Not only is she a powerhouse on screen, but she is also a successful producer with her own production company, LuckyChap Entertainment.

Collaboration and Impact

Both Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie have made significant impact in their respective industries, and now, they are joining forces in the upcoming film “Babylon.” The film is set in the golden age of Hollywood and will showcase the talent and chemistry of these two powerhouse women. Their collaboration is highly anticipated and is expected to make a big impact in the entertainment world.


It’s clear that Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie are unstoppable forces in their fields. Whether it’s dominating the charts or captivating audiences on the big screen, these two women are making their mark and inspiring others to do the same. With the upcoming film “Babylon” on the horizon, their collaboration is sure to be a game-changer in Hollywood.

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