Alison Brie sizzles in ‘The Little Hours’ with her hilarious and raunchy performance

Alison Brie in “The Little Hours”
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Alison Brie in “The Little Hours”

Alison Brie Stars in “The Little Hours”

Alison Brie, known for her roles in “Community” and “GLOW,” takes the lead in the comedy film “The Little Hours.”

Plot Synopsis

The film is based on a collection of 14th century novellas by Giovanni Boccaccio. It follows a young servant (played by Dave Franco) who flees his master and seeks refuge in a convent full of nuns, played by Brie and other comedic actresses including Aubrey Plaza and Kate Micucci. The nuns’ lives take an unexpected and raunchy turn as they engage in a series of scandalous and hilarious events.

Alison Brie’s Performance

Alison Brie shines in her role as the naive and seductive nun Sister Alessandra. Her comedic timing and delivery bring the character to life and add depth to an already hilarious storyline.

Critical Acclaim

Alison Brie’s performance, along with the ensemble cast, has been praised by critics for their comedic chemistry and ability to bring levity to the absurd and irreverent storyline.


“The Little Hours” showcases Alison Brie’s versatility as an actress and her ability to tackle comedic roles with grace and humor. Her portrayal of Sister Alessandra adds a comedic flair to the film and is a standout performance in an already entertaining and offbeat movie.

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